welcome to a busker's life

Halley and her folk harp can add a bit of magic to any event that you are hosting. Whether it's a formal black-tie business dinner or a casual wedding in a park, Halley's unique style of folk music can give the event a whimsy and glamour that your guests will talk about for weeks afterward

Traveling by bicycle, with a custom-made harp trailer, Halley is often seen around the city of Portland, playing for various farmer's markets and community outreach programs dressed in various costumes. She is deeply committed to the preservation of the environment and has referred to herself jokingly as the "zero emission harpist." (Many harpists rely on large vans to transport their instruments.) For long distance trips, such as her frequent visits to Seattle, Halley takes the train or bus, stowing her harp in the luggage storage below.

She has performed for a myriad of different events, the short list being below:

Interested in having a harp at your event? Let me know! A lot of the dates I have scheduled are available, such as the PSU Farmer's Market and the PDX Airport!

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